Meet The Boot's 2019 Artists to Watch

A new year brings with it a renewed sense of hope, promise and resolve, both personally and professionally. 2019 could be the year for any number of up-and-coming artists -- but The Boot staff is placing bets on these men, women and groups.

The Boot's 2019 Artists to Watch are a diverse group: Some lean to the poppy side of country; others are as traditional-sounding as they come. They all, though, have cultivated a style and sound that is all their own, and they're demanding fans' attention.

Some of these acts, readers may know: Maybe you've heard an artist's debut single on the radio or in a playlist; perhaps you're seen one of them live in a small venue, or as an opening act on a superstar's tour. That's how we found them, too -- that and listening to industry and online buzz -- and we're hoping you're ready to learn more about them. And if you're unfamiliar with any of these acts, we're ready to help you discover a new favorite.

We'll be introducing our 2019 Artists to Watch through early February. Keep an eye on this space to get to know them -- and get ready to hear plenty from them throughout 2019.

Kelleigh Bannen

Kelleigh Bannen’s searing “Happy Birthday” is just the latest release in a career built on authenticity, storytelling and forging a path of your own. Another recently released track from the country singer is “The Joneses,” which further explores the importance of not worrying too much about what everyone else is doing and instead focusing on living your own life. On a personal level, that’s a skill that Bannen developed out of necessity: The singer grew up in Nashville, surrounded by others pursuing careers in the music business. In addition to her musical career, she also has a podcast called This Nashville Life, which takes an insider’s look at the music business. Her expertise will draw listeners in, but Bannen’s true gift is her ability to cut to the core of a song, proving, again and again, both the expertise and the heart behind her love of music. -- CL

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Jesse Atwell