Kelleigh Bannen Goes “Deluxe” For New Single

Kelleigh Bannen doesn’t scrimp on the good stuff in her new single “Deluxe.” Last summer, Bannen released her three single EP, The Joneses, which garnered support on SiriusXM The Highway, having all three songs play at the same time – a first in their history. 

That’s a pretty incredible accomplishment and as one of CMT’s The Next Women of Country, Bannen is nothing but incredible. She first stumbled onto the Country music scene in 2012 with her single “Sorry on the Rocks” followed by “Famous.” Both songs charted in the top 50 at Country Radio, but it was not enough to allow Bannen to release a full length album.

It’s common in the industry, especially with a new artist. They test singles, see how well they do and then decide if they are willing to spend more time and money on them. This is the kind of conversation Bannen talks about on her podcast This Nashville Life. It’s a sort of behind the scenes look about how the music industry is, from the glitz and glam to the hardships. Even the most successful songwriters sometimes do not get a hit song for ten to fifteen years.

Bannen herself has shared how difficult it is to grow a fanbase when an artist is only able to release a song every 12-18 months. That is why albums are so important. They allow listeners to hear all the dynamic sides of the artist and not just the most radio friendly song they have to release. 

Every listener wants music that will speak to them. Sure, they want the ones they can roll down the window to and blast, Bannen has those too (see “Landlocked” “Famous” “Welcome to the Party”).

She also has the songs that get to the heart of country music, the ones that make you feel emotions you did not know you still even had (see “Happy Birthday” and “Church Clothes”).

Bannen has been working hard on new music, even revealing that she has already shot four upcoming music videos for her new album that will be out later this year! Her first single from the album is a love story with a little something extra called “Deluxe.” Written by Bannen and Danielle Blakey, “Deluxe” is a mix of soul and soft rock as Bannen’s vocals sing:

“Deluxe” has versatile melodics that can be played during a night out, to a lover, while getting ready, or even on repeat in the car if you can’t get enough. It’s everything a love song should be without feeling overdone. Share this one with a friend or listen while you’re missing that special someone.

Bannen is equally excited to put out new music, saying:

“I just loved the idea for this song, about being a love with a little extra, and still being very relatable to so many people. I had the title for a while and finally was able to write and record it. I’m excited to be able to share it with my fans.” 


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Jesse Atwell