Kelleigh Bannen Set To Reveal Her ‘Favorite Colors’ In October

Kelleigh Bannen is set to release her new album Favorite Colors, on Oct. 11. The new project is being released independently, and Bannen co-wrote all of the 14 tracks, which were produced by Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three.

Favorite Colors shares an expansive palette of emotional shades on songs like the title track, “Time Machine,” which revels in the nostalgia of memories, and “Diamonds,” a powerful statement about the permanent impact of real love, cemented and written in stone. The album combines an analog approach mixed with a twist of modern country production, and includes a roster of collaborators including writers Claire Douglas, Todd Clark and Will Bowen, (who produced three tracks.)

Bannen is also the host and producer of podcast This Nashville Life, which has gained popularity and includes guest interviews, industry tips and insights from music business executives and creatives.


“Damn, I Still Love You” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Scott Stepakoff)

“Deluxe” (Kelleigh Bannen and Danielle Blakey)

“Boys Don’t Cry” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Jason Saenz)

“Diamonds” (Kelleigh Bannen and Scott Stepakoff)

“Your Favorite Colors” (Kelleigh Bannen and Will Bowen)*

“The Joneses” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Travis Wood)**

“Suit” (Kelleigh Bannen, Claire Douglas and Dallas Wilson)

“Faith In You” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Sean Van Vleet)

“Sleeping Alone” (Kelleigh Bannen and Will Bowen)*

“John Who” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Christopher Rafetto)

“Haters” (Kelleigh Bannen, Jennifer Hanson and Jason Lehning)

“Time Machine” (Kelleigh Bannen and Mark Trussell)

“Happy Birthday” (Kelleigh Bannen, Claire Douglas and Dallas Wilson)

“Long Shadow” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Tia Sillers)*

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Jesse Atwell